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Companies invest a lot of time and money in necessary taxonomy work. This usually results in taxonomy databases that are only understandable and usable by a small circle of users and in additional (term) data silos that are difficult to integrate into other systems.

term:studio transforms your taxonomy database into a computer-readable and thus optimally usable semantic knowledge network. With term:studio you make the concepts and concept relations in your industry and company’s expert knowledge explicit, as well as the expert knowledge in the minds of the terminologists involved in taxonomy work. The knowledge is represented in the Knowledge Network as well as in our brain by context and relations and is available for many applications. Refine your structured and unstructured content pool and integrate the Knowledge Network from term:studio into the semantic database of your klar:suite editorial or product information system. This way you bring light into your content and beam your data management into the 21st century.

term:studio supports you optimally: Take advantage of the benefits of semantic technologies.

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Knowledge representation

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Taxonomy with term:studio — the main advantages

  • Term extraction as well as the creation and maintenance of the Knowledge Network is integrated  in one interface. Extract important technical terms together with relations and context information directly from the content.
  • The unrestrictedly flexible data model allows the natural representation of free “real world” relations together with terminological linguistic diversity in one semantic network.
  • Import and integrate external taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies.
  • Integrate taxonomy data into the IT environment instead of creating a new data silo.

Terminological entry and data fields

In the semantic network, concepts and their terms are created in different languages as entities/entries together with their properties. Add new data fields, such as sources, definitions, creation date, at any time according to your needs.

Screenvideo of term:studio showing how to create concepts and terms in different languages
Screenshot of term:studio showing hop wo dreate a new type relation.

Knowledge is constantly changing

The data model in term:studio is generic and can be flexibly visualized, changed and extended at any time using its own typology editor. An unlimited free choice of new concept and relation types with associative, hierarchical and multi-digit relations allow a natural knowledge representation. Typified concepts and relations make the inheritance of properties possible and thus efficient changes.

Import of source documents for term extraction

Import sources in over 300 different file formats. term:studio generates html full text views of the documents and in the word list editor in tabular form, the words present in the texts. In the sortable table, frequency of occurrence and word length are indicated and the terms and terms already present in the term network are labelled. The quick access to the respective occurrences in the text helps to select suitable term candidates. Efficiently adopt the new term candidates from the word list or the full text — as well as example sentences and definitions. With a simultaneous view of the source content and existing systematics, you can quickly integrate new candidates into the term network.

Bildschirmvideo Import von Quell-Dokumenten zur Termextraktion
Screenvideo of term:studio, drag & drop can be used to quickly create new relations and systematics

Systematics and P2P relations efficiently created

Multiple selections of terms and drag & drop can be used to quickly create new relations and systematics. A rich cross-linking allows later queries even from new contexts, and makes new connections visible. Use the sources as real knowledge resources.

Generic Export

A rich semantic modeling has the advantage that it allows in principle the exchange with all common standard formats, if necessary by reduction to the respective permitted structures.

When exporting, the user can specify which contents are to be included in the export, depending on the intended application. All entries, only certain concepts, attributes and relations, only an alphabetical range or a language can be selected.

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