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Klarso Content Authoring System

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With increasing complexity and growing amounts of information, efficient maintenance of content and reliable access to the information is a central element of success and progress of publishers and companies. This usually requires huge investments in content preparation and enrichment.

The semantic technology of klar:suite offers various possibilities to optimally exploit and use content and to deliver knowledge instead of fixed documents. The klar:suite as editorial system and content management system facilitates data maintenance, workflows, rights, translations, media management and versioning of even extensive content.

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Intelligent search

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High quality

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You benefit more from your content with the natural data representation of klar:suite, which no conventional editorial system can offer you. The data is closely linked to the user interface with its intelligent search functions and editors tailored to the needs.

Screenvideo of klar:suite CAS showing the enrichment of data
Screenshot from klar:suite showing how integrated terminologies, thesauri and ontologies can be visualized, extended and changed at any time.

Integrated Ontology

The information is available as entities with their characteristics and relationships in a semantic network. Integrated terminologies, thesauri and ontologies can be visualized, extended and changed at any time.

Change of perspective – information and answers instead of linear documents

New context-dependent questions can be processed. New connections, structural analogies and contradictions become visible and the analysis of even large complex content becomes possible. These new types of queries can also be used to generate target group-oriented, i.e. non-linear content instead of linear documents.

Screenvideo showing the procession of context-dependent questions

Grammar parsing

Through extended language support with grammar parsing, the solution comes one step closer to the natural data representation of text content with its linguistic diversity. This allows authors to validate content for comprehensiveness and against redundancy and contradictions.

Product visions come true - fast lifecycles

Authors generate new publications in new output formats via quickly adapted and created editors with WYSIWYG. klar:suite thus enables the agile development of product visions and covers the entire process of the content lifecycle.

Screenvideo of klar:suite CAS showing the fast and easy connection between terms
Photo showing a Document printed on paper, on a laptop screen and on a smartphone screen

Export into other systems

Data output is possible to all channels and formats like XML: with an efficient one-click upload to content delivery systems, for mobile use in apps, and for print. klar:suite uses export interfaces with output scripts for new or reconstructed old HTML, XML, PDF or WORD.

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Klar:suite is powerful out of the box. Quickly set up your data and content structure and you get access to hundreds of industry-leading features to make your data smart.

Customized to reach your goals

Your business is unique and klar:suite can be extremely customized to your specific needs. If you require special features and workflows that others simply don’t have, klar:suite will deliver.

Ready for any future challenge

Klar:suite is also an agile development environment. Get updates, request new features or simply build them yourself in JavaScript. The software grows with you – that’s future proof!

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