Solutions to make all your content smart

Klar:suite with its innovative Smart Data technology is made for your extensive and complex content. Create and manage highly complex (technical) documentation, publisher content, scientific texts, rules and regulations, contracts, and comparable content.

Flexibly create new publications from smart content based on rules and artificial intelligence, far beyond just re-ordering text modules. Use klar:suite’s analysis power and deep search functions and let your product visions come true.

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Klar:suite for smart content is a fully featured independent content authoring and management system. Alternatively, it can complement existing systems with automatic modules for content delivery, deep search and metadata management.

Solutions built for content success

  • Editorial system
    Manage information not documents

  • Content delivery
    Deliver smart content to web, mobile, print

  • Deep search
    Embed smarter search into your platform

  • Automatic text analysis
    Extract entities and meaning from documents

  • Metadata management
    Generate, extract, and harmonize metadata

  • XML re-structuring
    Break limitations of XML structure

  • Terminology Management
    From Term to Knowledge Net

  • Index-Manager
    Enrich content with index tags

Let Smart Content with klar:suite make your product visions become true

Icon Leverage Content

Leverage content

Transform content for many applications

Icon Meaning and language

Meaning not language

Focus on concepts across languages

Icon Always relevant information

Information not document

Put content first to generate documents

Icon Realize product visions rapidly

Rapid content lifecycle

Create digital content products in no time

Icon Faster

Create faster

Speed up content creation and curation

Icon intelligent mapping


Adapt your content structures on the fly

Icon Agile


Deliver solutions in a fraction of the time

Icon Beyond XML

Beyond XML

Break limitations of XML workflows

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You’ll find in us a reliable partner to jointly realize the best solutions for your challenges with our outstanding future proof technology.

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Our dedicated project manager will speed you through system customization and onboarding, ensuring that you can reach your business objective quickly.

Dedicated support

Our team is ready to respond to your needs for support, scaling, features, and flexibly adapting your solution.

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