Deep search

Embed smarter search into your platform.

From search to smart insights

Implementing a smart search on your website or knowledge platform and not just a full text search can be a big challenge. The ranking of results is often limited to statistical criteria. Existing conventional search systems offer faceted search limited to typical filters such as publication data, product types, authors, etc. Extended synonym recognition only happens with the integration of appropriate terminologies.

Klar:suite for deep search re-defines intelligent search for your content. It crawls your existing content or directly connects to your editorial system and integrates into your frontend via a REST-api.

Intelligent search

Explore even extensive and complex content

Answers, not hits

Use automatic reasoning and get answers

Knowledge exploration

Show hits labeled by concept or context

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Your content is valuable – do not manage it, use it

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Turn your content into valuable resources

Ingest content from your different data sources. Klar:suite integrates external domain-specific terminologies and ontologies as well as general knowledge.

Semantic enrichment

Klar:suite automatically extracts entities and relations. Using intelligent language analysis, the solution achieves an outstanding text comprehension coming one step closer to natural understanding of your content. All without manual, explicit markup of the content.

Unique search experience

Quickly create a search interface that’s tailored to your customers’ needs. The intuitive search experience is inviting. Auto-completion intelligently supports the search input.

Knowledge exploration

The unique presentation of clustered and aggregated results quickly leads to relevant information. Exploration of multi-level faceted search results enables deeper drill-down into the content.

Answers instead of hits

Klar:suite answers even complex queries. It generates context-dependent information and makes new connections and contradictions visible. It returns requested objects in adaptive views. The answers can be tailored to specific channels as well as target groups and take into account data access rights.

Build your business future

Best-in-class technology

Klar:suite is powerful out of the box. Quickly set up your data and content structure and you get access to hundreds of industry-leading features to make your data smart.

Customized to reach your goals

Your business is unique and klar:suite can be extremely customized to your specific needs. If you require special features and workflows that others simply don’t have, klar:suite will deliver.

Ready for any future challenge

Klar:suite is also an agile development environment. Get updates, request new features or simply build them yourself in JavaScript. The software grows with you – that’s future proof!

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