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Let us make one thing clear: your data.

The problem with most complex data is that it’s not smart, neither its representation, nor its maintenance. It needs to be ready for smart applications like deep search, logical conclusions, artificial intelligence thinking and natural language processing. Klarso’s unique semantic network database environment lets you naturally represent data with unprecedented flexibility and makes maintenance a breeze. The result: Smart data for powerful data interactions and intelligent documents.

Computer Screen with Klar:suite opened, displaying the widgets for data representation

klar:suite for smart data

  • Comprehensive representation in a semantic network

  • Flexible processing through continuous abstraction

  • Efficient maintenance with workflows, automation, editors

  • Meaningful explanation of complex real-world dependencies

  • Individualized insights reflecting the knowledge logically

  • Intelligent text understanding and generation

  • Natural language processing for AI applications

The klar:suite as an agile and intelligent software environment for customized solutions is used in two application areas for customers from industry, media and publishing

Smart Content

Klar:suite manages your extensive and complex content such as scientific texts, contracts and technical documentation and makes it smart, usable and future-proof for your applications.

Klar:suite facilitates data maintenance, workflow, rights, translation, media management and versioning. Intelligent search functions and other demand-oriented, flexible and quickly adapted editors and viewers process new questions depending on the context. Due to the natural data representation, which no XML-based editing system can offer you, new contexts, structural analogies and contradictions are generated and output visibly and dynamically and flexibly in terms of content. So you benefit more from your content. klar:suite is future-proof with extended language support with grammar decomposition also for AI applications.

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Smart Products

Highly complex products need product data that know: Which product and accessory options are compatible? Which product data is aimed at which target group? Which features are particularly important for which area of application? The klar:suite makes your product data smart.

Klar:suite combines, harmonizes and networks thematically all product information from marketing, ERP (e.g. Baan) and sales systems, reduces the effort for product data maintenance, allows consistent and up-to-date product communication across all sales and marketing channels, helps with flexible configuration and combination of products, with quotation and order validation and can finally be used for high-quality recommendations.

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Haufe-Lexware Services GmbH & Co. KG
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Product information – complete, consistent und clear

klar:suite for configuration and price list generation: Whitepaper

Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG
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Logo DTT Deutscher Terminologie-Tag e.V.

17. DTT-Symposion 2021 „Terminologie: Industrie, Information, Intelligenz“

Date: 16./17 April and 23./24 April 2021

Location: Online

Every two years, the Deutsche Terminologie-Tag e.V. (DTT) organizes symposia that deal with terminology from different perspectives.

We will participate with a presentation at the DTT Symposion, which will be organized in digital form this time.
Save the date for Dr Katharina Munk’s presentation on “Business applications in industry based on Knowledge Nets” on Friday, April 23rd, 2021, at 4:40 p.m.

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Events in the last year

Logo of tekom tcworld conference 2020

tekom: tcworld conference 2020

Date: 2–6 November 2020, online

The tcworld conference digitally brings together participants, speakers, students and exhibitors of “technical communication” from all over the world to the largest industry meeting place.

Klarso took part in the digital tcworld conference as an exhibitor. Thank you very much for your visit at our virtual conference booth and for your interest in our presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technical Communication: “Semantic Nets as an Enabler for Business Innovation”.

Logo der PROKOM Data Days 2020


Date: 10–11 September 2020

Location: Hotel NH Düsseldorf City North, Düsseldorf, Germany

The PROKOM Data Days present trends and developments in Product Information & Experience Management (PIM). In addition to best practice and use cases, topics such as data standards and modelling, as well as content creation are in the spotlight.

Klarso was an exhibitor at the PROKOM Data Days. Thank you very much for your visit at our booth and your interest in our PIM solution. Managing director Christian Piepenbrock gave a presentation on “Flexible Business Solutions for Smart Product Data based on Knowledge Networks and AI”.

Ressource Libraries

Cover der teKom-Studie "Effizientes Informationsmanagement durch komponentenbasierte Content-Management-Systeme (CCMS)"

4th tekom study on component-based content management systems

The fourth edition of the content management study provides a comprehensive overview of the market for editorial systems. It clearly shows the changed requirements, which, for example, new technologies and application scenarios have brought with them. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler and Dr. Daniela Straub present the latest results.

With the klar:suite, Klarso is one of 16 system providers that were examined for the tekom study “Efficient information management through component-based content management systems (CCMS)” (sample in German, PDF).


Cover von Ausgabe 19-6 der Zeitschrift "technische kommunikation"

technische kommunikation: Recherchieren in der Praxis

What do we actually understand by “smart data”? This article provides answers: Information and data are linked to form a knowledge network. From this, new information products can be created or mapped in a portal, for example to facilitate deep search.

Find our article about knowledge networks here: Wissen veredeln (German)

technische kommunikation 06/19


Cover des DOK.-Magazin mit dem Thema "Digital Workspace"

DOK.magazin: Technologien, Services & Strategien für das digitale Dokument

Software for semantic networks offer solutions for highly flexible and complex data applications. On the basis of smart data, they lay the foundation for product information, catalogues, scientific facts, text books, structured documents such as contracts, manuals, quality documentation and much more.

Our trend article about semantic database technologies: Klartext (German)


Klar:suite – Our Semantic Software Suite

Our semantic network technology is a next-generation database environment for businesses.
Made for complex data, configured and adapted for your knowledge domain, installed on your server.

Icon smart software modules of klar:suite
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  • klar:base – our core semantic database

  • klar:concept – our data representation for smart data

  • klar:studio – our cockpit to navigate, curate, explore the data

  • klar:script – our flexible Java environment to turbo-chare smart data projects

  • klar:scope – our view on the semantic network: e.g holistic, periscope, drilldown

  • klar:search – our configurable information retriever

  • klar:logic – our artificial intelligence engine to reflect on the data

  • klar:link – our connector to sync data with other databases

  • klar:print – our output generator for PDF, HMTL5, and XML

  • klar:API – our service to provide data to other programs and app

Our Applications

Industrial Product Information System

Catalog Production

Premium Content Publishing

Product Configuration and Validation

Complex Product Pricing

Contract Management

Complex Data Web Services

Content Management and Database Curation