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flexible report and data management with Smart Reports

Analyse, automate, convince

The production of sophisticated reports is time-consuming. This ties up working time that you and your team could better invest in content-related work.

klar:suite for Smart Reports efficiently supports you in numerous work steps of report management: with one click current data is loaded, analysed, displayed and combined with text modules. And you edit directly in the layout view and effortlessly control the release process for publication.

klar:suite is an optimal fit for various report and document types, such as forms, expert opinions or business reports, and for numerous output channels in a wide range of industries. Smart Reports realizes flexible report and data management with efficient workflows and visual meaningful analysis results.

Icon no migration effort

No migration effort

Import and export flexibly

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Efficient workflow

Map your work processes

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Publish at the touch of a button

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Data security

Host your data yourself

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Chose the solution that fits

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Import … and ready

Use the time for your core tasks

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WYSIWYG editor

Edit the reports in final layout

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Smart Analytics

Create powerful charts

Smart Reports in your company

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Three scenarios – from stand-alone to enterprise

klar:suite is just as suitable for small teams as it is as an efficient enterprise solution. Adaptation and expansion are possible at any time, hence you can react flexibly to changes. Which of the three typical scenarios for Smart Reports suits your company?

Automatic reports
with one click

flexible report and data management with Smart Reports

You want to finally hand over frequently occurring, error-prone and time-consuming work steps that you need to produce your data sheet or form. Let klar:suite take care of this fully automatically.

  • Trigger report generation manually or through an interface, e.g. a shop system
  • Processed data does not have to be edited
  • You determine the report´s layout and output format
  • Possible output formats are, e.g., PDF, HTML, MS Word, CSV or XML.

Powerful editing
for customised reports

Smart Reports realizes flexible report and data management with efficient workflows and meaningful visual analyses

You want to create individual Smart Reports. For this purpose, klar:suite offers a powerful WYSIWYG editor to edit your report in the target layout. A module for visual analyses can be added.

  • Editorial editing is intuitive and easy with the WYSIWYG editor in your target layout
  • The Smart Analytics module provides you with efficient tools for charts and tables
  • Your text modules and report templates are combined in a guided process
  • Smart data management supports the rapid creation of texts, charts and analyses

Efficient data and
report management

Efficient data and report management

You want to merge complex data from different data sources into a sophisticated report. At the same time, a team and various user roles are involved in the production process.

  • Strong data management with hosting in-house
  • Standardization and automation of existing processes with workflow management
  • Report workflow with many participants and controlled rights and roles
  • Your text modules and report templates are combined in a guided process

Is your application not listed or do you still have questions on Smart Reports? Our team is happy to help you.

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Your modular toolbox

  • Klar:suite is quickly adaptable due to its modular architecture. Combine reporting and data management functions to your application needs for the highest process efficiency.
  • Together we update your workflow and activate additional modules such as Rights-and-Roles and Smart Analytics.
  • Users can adapt the user interface to their needs.
Illustration klar:suite, Ihr modularer Werkzeugkasten
Illustration Alle Arbeitsschritte im Griff

All work steps under control – for team efficiency

  • Reports can be published fully automatically or run through the hands of several editors in a workflow.
  • All participants work efficiently with the data and functions they need, and supported by transparent rights and roles management.
  • The processes are mapped simply and transparently and promote collaboration.

Working in the target layout – as printed

  • In flexible report and data management with klar:suite, you can see your data directly in your target layout thanks to CSS.
  • Edit reports directly in the WYSIWYG editor – and see the any changes live. Save time and laborious correction rounds.
  • If desired, data in your source database is updated upon making changes to it in the text editor.
Illustration Arbeiten im Ziel-Layout
Illustration Smarte Analysen

Smart Analytics – meaningful results

  • klar:suite offers data analysis with charts as an optional module. There is no need to switch to another analysis software.
  • Smart Analytics evaluates your complex data, just the way you need it for your business and the report.
  • The analysis results are always presented in a meaningful way. For example, displayed as a table or diagram matching your target layout.

Data import and export without borders

  • Over 200 file formats are readable and immediately upon import, klar:suite extracts the content with all its structures and metadata.
  • Load text and data files (DOCX, XLSX, RTF, TXT, HTML and XML), as well as graphic files (SVG, JPEG, PNG, etc.). Non-uniform data formats are possible, too.
  • Smart mapping replaces any integration effort, if data needs to be transformed.
  • Imported data can be exported again in its original file format if desired. You can also use the export to standardise the data, e.g. in a new XML DTD.
Illustration Datenimport und Export ohne Grenzen
Illustration SSOT, das Herz der klar:suite

Your data: The heart of klar:suite

  • When importing, klar:suite checks that new data is valid, up-to-date, clearly assignable and consistent.
  • An editor shows the result of the data validation and possible cases of doubt. You only deal with the cases that need to be decided manually.
  • In this way, your data matures into the central source of knowledge, the single source of truth. All functions of klar:suite access it.

Your cooperation with klarso

  1. Contact us: How can you use a Smart Reports solution for your project? Contact us and get a free demo!
  2. Design concept: To start off, we capture your goals and requirements, propose a realisation concept and, if desired, a demo version (proof of concept).
    Opportunity for change: If required, we also advise you on optimising your workflows and support your change process.
  3. Evaluation and contract conclusion: You check the offer and, if applicable, the results of the POC and decide what should be implemented. Then, the project is ready to start.
  4. Develop and implement: We implement the project quickly and, if necessary, step by step in agile collaboration. klar:suite is introduced rapidly for fast initial user experiences.
  5. Flexible throughout the project: You use klar:suite in your day-to-day business. Nevertheless it can be adapted and expanded at any time. You remain flexible and become more productive.
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Build your business future

Best-in-class technology

Klar:suite is powerful out of the box. Quickly set up your data and content structure and you get access to hundreds of industry-leading features to make your data smart.

Customized to reach your goals

Your business is unique and klar:suite can be extremely customized to your specific needs. If you require special features and workflows that others simply don’t have, klar:suite will deliver.

Ready for any future challenge

Klar:suite is also an agile development environment. Get updates, request new features or simply build them yourself in JavaScript. The software grows with you – that’s future proof!

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