klar:suite – Our Semantic Software Suite

  • klar:base is our core database technology for meaningful “semantic network” storage.

  • Use it to store any complex data: product descriptions, structured document rules and content, system configuration options, medical disease information, service pricing algorithms and much more.

  • NoSQL: store objects and relationships instead of just tables.

  • klar:search is our configurable information retriever.

  • Use it to customize your search needs from simple to complex indirect data relationships.

  • Super fast: in-memory real time deep search.

  • klar:concept is our data representation for smart data.

  • Use it to take semantic data to a new level with novel relation types, continuous abstraction, context sensitive meaning, language dependent concepts.

  • Expression power: realize solutions with logical and language understanding.

  • klar:logic is our artificial intelligence engine to reflect on your data.

  • Use it for deductive reasoning or data validation, e.g. to validate a product configuration, to automatically verify document consistency, and to draw complex logical conclusions.

  • Representation power: embedded ontology allows conclusions on data and its structure.

  • klar:studio is our cockpit to navigate your data.

  • Use it to explore, visualize, curate, edit your data in forms, tables, graphically or in final layout.

  • Workflow: collaborate on your database as a team.

  • klar:link reads from or writes to other databases and keeps your data in sync.

  • Use it to enrich your data assets with semantic information and to process and control it with our strong tools.

  • Source tracking: keeps data source key for each data point for synchronization.

  • klar:script is our transformer for turbo-charging smart data projects.

  • Use it to enforce data rules, flexibly create custom views, editors, and team workflows.

  • Agile: rapidly update information structure and editors with no need to pre-define everything.

  • klar:print is our output generator for finished PDF, beautiful HTML5, or complex XML.

  • Use it to produce web pages, product catalogs, layout-ready data views, print-on-demand PDF or input files for your other production systems.

  • Templating: simple script-based templating.

  • klar:scope is our deep view of the semantic network.

  • Use it to inspect your data with dynamic views: holistic, periscope, drilldown, hierarchy, revisions, layout, workflow.

  • Perspectives: always see through your semantic data.

  • klar:API is our service to transmit data and query results directly to any other program.

  • Use it to power your websites, mobile apps and other services directly with data views, search results, information validation, and logical analysis.

  • Highly scalable: simple database replication and synchronization.

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Our Standard Software for Publishing

Visit the Index-Manager Website
  • Index-Manager – our indexing workbench for professional indexing of text and content.
  • Flexibly and intelligently create index entries for books and digital products.